What we do.

Human health is determined to a large extent by the quality of our environment. In a world where the pressure on sustainable development has never been higher geoenvironmental engineering is essential in improving the built world around us.  It deals with the challenges of preparing the ground for development; virtually all of the built environment that we each use on a daily basis interacts with the ground in some way and has relied on some aspect of geoenvironmental engineering in its design and construction. Geoenvironmental engineers determine the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of soil and rock to design foundations, retaining structures and earthworks to ensure that the structures to be developed are safe and pose no risk to the environment or human health.

Egniol’s geoenvironmental specialists are helping clients deliver essential infrastructure across the UK. Our services span the whole range of requirements to deliver cost effective and sustainable approaches to any type of development on land. Whether it’s a geotechnical problem that poses a risk to your project, dealing with contamination on a brownfield site or managing and mitigating the ecological impacts of development, our team knows how to find solutions.

Our Engineering Services

  • Ground investigation
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Contaminated land

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