26 03, 2018

Site Closure and Restoration Works

Egniol has been providing engineering and environmental services in relation to landfill site closure works at a former tin and copper mine in the south west of England since 2007. The site has been undergoing progressive completion and restoration work in readiness for handback to the Local Authority in accordance with the permit and planning requirements. The work has been wide ranging and covered most aspects of the engineering of former landfills prior to return to beneficial use.

In particular we have provided design and construction supervision services for the capping system construction; preparation of a Site Restoration Plant for the use of soil forming waste materials as a waste recovery operation; the creation of a wide range of ecological habitats to form heathland, native woodland, glades and acid and native grassland and integration into a fully functioning ecosystem; design and construction supervision of the surface water management system; design and construction supervision of the burial of approximately 18 kilometres of active landfill gas pipework and lowering of associated infrastructure such as gas manifolds and condensate de-watering points; the re-establishment of a 1.3-kilometre public bridleway across areas of the historical tin and copper mine and the landfill containment cells. Egniol designed and managed the construction of the bridleway following discussions with the Rights of Way officer, Mining Consultants and the British Horse Society.

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Our work at this challenging site is ongoing and we continue to bring our experience and expertise to bear in the restoration of this site.

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6 03, 2018

Ecological Restoration Works Survey

Egniol are working with one of the UK’s top 3 waste operators on the ecological restoration of one of the largest landfill sites in the north west. Waste deposition at the site was completed a number of years ago and following an initial phase of limited restoration the site has remained dormant. Now that the site is to be returned to the land owners, restoration must be completed.

We will be carrying out baseline surveys of the site to help guide a revised restoration plan that will satisfy planning conditions and the land owners requirements, including the surveying of habitats, vegetation, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. The revised scheme will aim to maximize the ecological value of the site and return it back to beneficial use.

Ecology Restoration Survey

If you have similar requirements, or want to know more about our Ecology services, please call 01248 355996.

26 09, 2017

Senior Ecologist, Alan Cowlishaw

We are very happy to welcome Alan Cowlishaw to the Egniol team, joining the rapidly expanding Bangor office as Senior Ecologist.

Alan has 13 years experience of working in construction, energy and transport infrastructure as an ecologist and as an IRATA rope access supervisor. His ecological experience has been gained in research and consultancy both in the UK and overseas.

Holding Natural England and Natural Resources Wales Bat Licenses, Alan has extensive experience in carrying out primary ecological assessments and surveys for developments for bats, reptiles and amphibians. Other survey experience in the UK includes badgers, aquatic invertebrates and nesting birds; overseas Alan has carried out research into lizards in the Caribbean, Bonobo Chimpanzees in the Congo and Baboons in Namibia.

As part of the service offered we can provide protected species surveys, licensing and mitigation services to our existing and new clients throughout the UK. Contact our Bangor office on 01248 355996 for more information on what we can offer.

Welcome to the Egniol team, Alan!

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